A passionate advocate of British fashion education,
Anne Tyrrell dedicated her life to identifying and nurturing young creative talent.

The Anne Tyrrell Estate is a fundraising campaign set up in honour of the late Anne Tyrrell MBE. Not only was Anne an extraordinary personality, creative talent, mentor, inspiration, and friend but she was someone who devoted her life to identifying and supporting young design talent. During her time as a tutor at The Royal College of Art, Anne helped to lay the early career foundations of a number of students who went on to fulfill their potential and become some of the leading designers in the fashion industry today. With the help of The Anne Tyrrell Estate campaign, many more students will be able to benefit from Anne’s passion to develop and nurture exceptional design talent.

Anne left funds in her will that were to be distributed with the specific purpose of helping talented students further their careers in the fashion industry. This money was used to either set up or contribute towards a number of initiatives that continue to enable exceptional students to receive funding through the important and financially demanding years of their education and early working lives. These initiatives are in partnership with the three beneficiaries of The Anne Tyrrell Estate campaign: Creative Skillset, The Royal College of Art and The British Fashion Council Education Foundation, an existing charity of which Anne was a trustee. All proceeds of this campaign will be distributed amongst these institutions in order to top up the bursaries left by Anne and continue to support the British fashion industry’s finest young talent.

 A Unique Discovery

As well as being a senior tutor at The Royal College of Art, Chairman of the British Fashion Council Colleges Council and member of Creative Skillset Fashion and Textiles Council, Anne was an exceptional designer in her own right, spending twenty-five years at John Marks before setting up her own design consultancy in 1982. It is her work as a designer that has enabled The Anne Tyrrell Estate campaign to be founded, as following her sad passing in 2015, a unique discovery of her life’s work in the form of exquisite fashion illustrations, dresses, and personal effects was made. These items have great historical relevance to the industry and perfectly encapsulate the historic era of design from the 1960s to the 1980s that Anne tirelessly worked as a designer.

The illustrations demonstrate great technical ability and a detailed understanding of how to express the form and texture of the clothing she designed. This included work for iconic institutions and brands such as: The London Underground, the British Olympic Team, The Orient Express, Royal Ascot, Bamford & Sons, Harrods, John Lewis and Nike amongst many others. As well as being beautifully rendered working drawings, the illustrations hold captivating artistic qualities, are diverse in style and clearly showcase what a wonderful designer Anne was. These illustrations have never been seen outside of the studio.

The Anne Tyrrell Estate is offering the opportunity to purchase these unique illustrations in order to raise funds to continue to nurture emerging British design talent, something that was very close to Anne’s heart. It is possible to purchase the illustrations (either framed or unframed) via the Illustrations tab at the top of this page or alternatively contact Couture Editions on the details below.

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Thank you,

The Anne Tyrrell Estate

“Having the Anne Tyrrell Award 
allowed me to focus all my energy into the unique study program without worrying about the financial struggles of education in London.”

Abbie Stirrup
Winner of Anne Tyrrell Award 2015